Volunteers Pick Thousands of Apples for Northport Farmer Sent to ER for Heart Problems

“This to me is Leelanau County. Helping those that need help.”

It’s apple season in Leelanau County, and this weekend 60 neighbors showed up to one local farm to help harvest.

Longtime Northport farmer Kendall Probst needed help picking his fruit after a medical emergency.

His friends reached out to the Overheard in Leelanau County Facebook page to help get his apples picked this season.

It’s one of the busiest times of year for apple farmer Kendall Probst.

“We’ve known Kendall a lot of years and his family,” Heather Craker said.

But this week heart problems sidelined him from harvesting his fruit.

“He had initially hired some help and they didn’t show up after the first week,” Craker said.

Saturday and Sunday, dozens of his neighbors decided to pick up where he left off.

“Pretty cool to see the good side of humanity,” Steve Craker, friend of Kendall’s said.

The community is stepping up to help the man they say has gived them so much

“He helps out at the church doing tasks around there. Just anything that needs to be done he’s willing to help. This is Leelanau County. People are just showing up like crazy to help us get this orchard picked this year,” Heather said.

Margo Behler is one of many who saw the post on Facebook and got to work

“This is what we did growing up. We helped each other,” she said.

She says her father is a former cherry farmer so being here is extra special.

“I look back now and those are the some of the fondest memories have and part of this, my dad’s going to be 89 and I’m doing this for him too,” she said.

Twenty four boxes is what it takes to fill a delivery truck, but Saturday volunteers surpassed that, collecting about 28 boxes worth of apples.

“In our world we say, oh we lost the good but we really haven’t lost the good. The good is here,” Behler said.

“He made a tour past and he was choking up a little bit so he was very appreciative,” Steve said.