Traverse City Woman Saved From Choking By Good Samaritan

This Traverse City woman is breathing easier thanks to a complete stranger who stepped in to help.

Becky Turner was heading home last Saturday when she started choking on some fudge from an ice cream sundae.

What happened next, may have saved Becky’s life.

It was just a week ago when Becky Turner was heading home along 14th street, trying to eat a quickly melting hot fudge sundae when she started choking.

“So I put the car right in park, and I got out and I gave myself the Heimlich which worked for about one second and then I couldn’t breathe again,” recalled Turner.

That’s when someone else stopped behind Becky and started giving her the Heimlich.

“By then folks had stopped and I remember hearing their voices but this gal says are you choking and I said yeah, I did that and she did the Heimlich on the first time, again I could breath for a second and then I couldn’t so two more times and she got me on the third time. I was breathing and I was just like this and we were talking to each other so I knew we were going to live,” said Turner.

Now, Becky just wants to meet the woman who saved her life and simply say thank you.

“I know I probably said thank you, but you know there’s still a little blur there after that third one. Had it not been for her, I would’ve been unconscious on the road,” said Turner.