Enbridge Announces New Security Measures to Further Prevent Anchor Strikes in the Straits of Mackinac

The CEO of Enbridge announced upgrades coming to the Straits of Mackinac, but the additions aren’t going over well with everyone.

“Ultimately the best solution is the Line 5 tunnel project,” said Enbridge spokesperson Ryan Duffy.

Enbridge is working on creating a tunnel for Line 5. Right now, they’re doing research in the Straits as part of that plan.

While the finish line for that project is still a ways away, they’re working to make other changes, now.

“These new safety measures are really just something we want to put in place while the tunnel project is going on,” Duffy said.

They include installing cameras to record the Straits 24/7.

“These cameras would just monitor ship traffic, coming and going, and look for any potential issues,” Duffy said.

They would also put two boats on the water to further monitor traffic, and add a new hi-tech alert system.

“We really been testing and in the pilot stages of for a while now, but it’s a warning system where any system that comes into the straits would get a warning,” Duffy said.

Attorney General Dana Nessel filed a lawsuit in June to decommission Line 5.

In a statement, she says these security measures do not change her mind.

“Cameras and buzzers are great when you are trying to deter fly-by-night criminals, but these measures will not prevent an accidental anchor strike,” Nessel said via statement.

“Our focus remains on moving forward with the project and keeping it on schedule, and we feel the best way to do that is to focus on the work we can do right now,” Duffy said.

Enbridge says these new measures are in the preliminary stages, and still need final approval.