Superintendents of Isolated Districts Send Letter to Gov. Whitmer About Funding Cuts

The superintendents at several ‘isolated’ districts in Northern Michigan sent a letter to the governor Thursday.

They did not mince words on how they feel about her cuts to smaller districts like theirs.

Back when Governor Gretchen Whitmer was approving the budget she vetoed nearly 150 items.

One of them was funding for smaller, more isolated schools.

In the letter, the superintendents claim the governor is using their students as pawns.

It is signed by the superintendents of Beaver Island, Burt Township, DeTour, Mackinac Island and Whitefish Township.

Since signing the budget, the governor has stressed that these items could be put back in the budget with full funding but that depends on budget talks.

You can read the full letter here: Letter-to-the-Governor