McBain Seniors Clean Up Community While School Takes Tests

Seniors at McBain High School had three options: job shadow, go on a college tour, or give back to their community by cleaning up downtown.

“I’ve been living here my whole life and it’s nice to give back,” says Gavin Sieland, senior at McBain High School.

These seniors aren’t getting a day off, instead they’re out here in the cold, with a rake and a shovel.

Every school should really have a community service day where they can get out and really help their community and see what’s going on in their community,” said Sieland.

Fellow classmate Maci Boven said, ”Our first week of school we were out here planting them, so now to pull them back up we feel like the job is complete.”

They’re working with McBain’s three public works employees.

“Last year it took us about three days to get just the flowers done, so this is a great help,” said Mayor of McBain Joey Roberts.

A job that goes faster with helping hands, while teaching these future graduates a valuable lesson.

“Good sense of citizenship that I think is important as seniors enter into their life after this school year,” says McBain High School Principal Ryan Biller.

So they’ll be picking up the trash, piece by piece, preserving the place they call home for the next McBain graduates.

“We feel good that we got it done and now we’re ready for winter,” says Boven.

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