Kinglsey Outdoor Adventure Club: A Breath of Fresh Air for High School Students

Students at Kingsley High School are afforded a unique opportunity– to experience all the is wild and wonderful outside their doorstep with the Kingsley Outdoor Adventure Club.

“The outdoor adventure club is a place where you can get like get away from home and everyday life and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors,” explains sophomore, Leann Porter.

This program is not new– it has been going on for years. Lead by Boone Scharp who is teaching these students valuable life skills. Skills that can’t always be measured with a pen and paper. “I get pretty passionate about it and pretty excited about it. It’s contagious and makes me feel like I have a sense of purpose,” says Boone.

With each lesson, these happy campers are developing patience and persistence. Boone Scharp says, “When a kid starts a fire with a shoelace-you can see it in their face. They will never forget it. To me it’s a miracle. They’re so excited about it. I don’t care-any test you get 100% on it just fails in comparison to that feeling you get from starting a fire.”

These skills and survival techniques are sticking. Hopefully encouraging this group to keep exploring, appreciating and advocating for mother nature. Leann Porter says, “I will still be able to go out and like teach future kids about this and tell them how important it is to preserve all this.”

If you want more information on this group, click here. 

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