Hook & Hunting: Michigan Independence Hunt

Thursday is the first day of the Michigan Independence Hunt.

The Independence Hunt is a four day firearm deer hunt for veterans and people with disabilities.

This season, hunters can take home one antlered or antlerless deer.

The North Country Sportsman’s Club in Indian River is one group that is helping the hunters.

29 hunters and volunteers were sighted in their firearms Thursday.

They’ll head out Friday.

Christopher Heath bagged a doe last year.

He is blind and says this hunt is special for everyone.

“We’re shut-ins. We don’t tend to do much. Most visually impaired, most disabled people don’t get the opportunity to be included in the community and such and I love hunting.   My family was military, I never had the chance to settle down anywhere and hunt regularly or people to hunt with so this is nice to have people like this who will let us get out and do this kind of stuff,” said Heath.

The Independence Hunt goes until Sunday.

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