Traverse City Chamber of Commerce Adopts Climate Policy

The Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce is taking a stance on climate change.

The chamber recently adopted a climate change policy.

They want it to serve as a guide to legislation that works to address climate change.

The Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce says northern Michigan can be a leader in multiple areas when it comes to clean energy.

“We echoed largely the U.S. Chambers position that climate change is happening and humans are a contributing factor to that and we believe as the U.S. Chamber does that there is great opportunity for business leaders, public sector and the citizens of the community to work on solutions that work for everyone,” said Traverse Connect CEO & President Warren Call.

Warren call is the President and CEO of Traverse Connect. He says the chamber wants to see businesses allowed to take the lead on solutions lawmakers propose to climate change.

“The policy seeks to maximize the potential for climate legislation to drive innovation and job creation while minimizing surprises or disruptions for businesses and citizens. These solutions should be market based. They should leverage the power of business to find innovative creative, cost effective ways to address energy production,” said Call.

And the chamber says any solutions put forth by government leaders, needs to address the issue of climate change head on.

“We talk to farmers every day who are concerned about the wettest summers for example. That has an impact on the type of combative measures they have to deal with cherries and grape production, so we need to be aware of all the different ways climate change can impact this region,” explained Call.