Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Receives Big State Grant for Watershed Research

The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council got a big grant to start some local research.

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy announced a more than $88,000 grant to the organization.

They say it will be used to update plans for the Cheboygan and lower Black River watersheds.

They will also develop a protection plan for the Mullet Lake watershed.

“We really take our work seriously, and to heart, to try to identify what waters are at risk and develop practical solutions for protection and restoration,” said Jennifer Buchanan, Watershed Protection Director at Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council. “We’re just always trying to make sure that everyone has the resources to help protect the resources.”

Tip of the Mitt says their research can start as early as January, and once their research is complete they will create an action plan for local government leaders.