Dancing with the Y Stars 2019 Videos

Which Dancer Pairing Was Your Favorite?

The Dancing with the Y Stars event was helped on Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at The Wex in Cadillac.

This fundraising event helped provide financial assistance to those who can’t afford the YMCA.


If you weren’t able to attend, you still have a chance to watch the amazing effort each dance pairing put into it!

Click on the dancer pairings below to watch and feel free to share on social media!


Dancer Pairing

Craig Baas & Lori Noaker

Jason Johnston & Amber Herlein

Beth Alto & Chris Brinks

Traci Warner & Corey Wiggins

Jamie Thompson & Kevin Baker

Scott Powell & Laura Powell

James Curtis & Vicky Ball

Casey Boyer & Jen White-Seymour

Shari Spoelman & Derek Larrance


9&10 News is a proud sponsor of the Dancing with the Y Stars Fundraising event.