Manistee Co. Home Being Consumed by Lake Michigan

In Manistee County, a home is currently teetering on the edge of Lake Michigan.  

In just one night, Lake Michigan took away 95% of Rachelle Radlinski’s backyard.

Radlinski has lived on the shore of Lake Michigan just North of Manistee for 32 years.

Always enjoying the majesty, beauty, and power of the big lake.

The past few days the lake has stormed back and is close to swallowing her home.

Now, she has been forced out of the home and is looking for solutions

You buy a home like this to be close to the water, but you never want to be too close.

In the three nights since, it has slowly creeped closer to her home.

Lake Michigan tore away Radlinski’s seawall and backyard, now she’s preparing for her home to fall in the lake.

“If I hadn’t seen it I might not believe it but I was here and I woke up in the morning and looked out the windows and oh my gosh,” said Radlinski.

Radlinski knew the water was rising and her seawall needed to be restructured.

It’s the burden of living right on the lake.

Contractors have left her high and dry and without the money she paid them.

Finally, Thursday night it broke free.

The lake overtaking the wall and her property and now leaving her home just inches from falling in.

“I’ve seen a lot of power in that lake and come up suddenly but it’s never been this close to me and that’s very scary,” said Radlinksi.

Insurance says they can’t cover it and she doesn’t have the money to move it.

She just moved everything out, including her six cats.

She’s trying to figure out a solution and everyday coming back to see her dream home slide away.

Radlinski says her only hope to recoup anything is selling the property.

This location is valuable and Radlinski wants to sell it to someone who can afford to reinforce the property and return the lot to what it once was.