Lake City Firefighters Donate Nearly 600 Pumpkins to Elementary Students

Monday morning the Lake City Area Fire Department donated almost 600 pumpkins to elementary school students.

With huge smiles on their faces, each student at Lake City Elementary School got to take home their own pumpkin.

All of the pumpkins came from Norman’s Farm in Tustin.

The Lake City Fire Department was able to buy 590 pumpkins through community donations.

They say they want the kids to have a positive interaction with them.

The fire department also dropped some off to the preschool and any leftover pumpkins went to Whispering Pines, the senior living home.

“It’s awesome here. Kids light up and their faces glow and all that, but when you go to Whispering Pines, it’s the same way,” said Lt. Fred West with the Lake City Area Fire Department.

The Lake City Area Fire Department also has events for kids near Christmas time, Easter and Fourth of July.