State Police: Marion Man Dies from Stab Wound; Neighbors Shocked

A Northern Michigan man is dead after an incident in Marion Friday night.

Michigan State Police tell us the Evart Police Department went to a home near Third and Broadway streets after receiving a report of a person armed with a knife outside.

And Saturday afternoon state police tell us they believe he died from a stab wound.

It is still unclear who stabbed the man.

We do not know the name of the man who died, but that he lived in Marion and was 29-years-old.

We talked to neighbors who live on Third and Broadway Streets near where this happened and they tell me the news of this man’s death comes as a big shock.

“It’s just very sad, we’re very upset, you know the whole neighborhood,” Diane Geyer says.

Diane Geyer says she lives right down the road from where the man lived.

“This was a tragic thing that happened.”

She says the man leaves behind a wife and children.

“Our prayers are going out to the wife and the family because I know that they have to be struggling now.”

Tom Geyer has lived in Marion his whole life. He says just recently, the man who died helped him in the yard.

“He come over here and helped me work on a lawn mower here and month ago or so and he got it going for me,” Geyer said.

And in all his years here, he says he can’t remember anything like this happening.

“Nothing that I can think of there’s been deaths, people taken away from here but I’ve never heard of anything is this town,” he said.

Diane Geyer says life is short so she hopes people will be kind to their neighbors.

“If we could just reach out and love other people that would just be more helpful to be there for each other.”

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