Michelle in Central America: Costa Rican Conservation

It was Michelle’s last day in Costa Rica and she spent it learning about the importance of conservation and how they are keeping traditions alive with painted woodwork.

Costa Rica is very much about conservation and preserving the environment. Not only is the government involved, but there are many companies taking part in this effort.

Michelle continued her tour of Costa Rica, with Collette, one of those companies that is helping in the effort.

The group took some time to plant a tree, a tradition they started a decade ago. Today we estimate those groups, along with other tours, have been responsible for planting more than 7,000 trees.

The reforestation project continues with every guest who participates.

They’re planting avocado trees, but not all the typical avocados that we know and love.

There are nearly 30 varieties of avocado trees, and most are food for birds.

To learn more about conservation, watch the video above.


Plus, because of intense thunderstorms, Michelle couldn’t shoot another interview, but she was able to send some video back from Sarchi

It is the centerpiece of the Costa Rican woodwork. It is where the ox cart making began.

At the beginning of the coffee production in Costa Rica, this is how the beans were transported from the farms to the coast to be shipped out of the country in the mid-1800s.

At the end of the century, when the economy improved, ox carts became the daily transportation system for people, which is why they started developing the ornamentation for the carts to attract more riders.

Today, this ornamentation is something unique to Costa Rica.

Nowadays, the oxcarts are only used in parades to keep the tradition alive, but the group got a look at how the first production line worked. The Alafaro family still uses water power to operate all the equipment, the saws, the drills and more.

Everything is still hand painted and it was a trip back in time for the group.

Michelle will be back on Monday to recap all the excitement and she says while traveling is amazing, she can’t wait to be home.

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