Korean War Soldier Remains Are Welcomed Home After Missing for Nearly 70 Years

After going missing nearly 70 years ago, the remains of a Korean War soldier are returning home, to northern Michigan Friday night.

U.S. Army Sergeant David Feriend was 23 years old when he went missing. 

He grew up in Fife Lake.

Friday night, patriot riders and Michigan State Police escorting his remains back home.

The remains of Sergeant David Feriend are expected to be escorted right through here in just about an hour.

His family says it’s been extremely emotional, waiting decades for answers they finally got.

“The first part of hearing that they found him was really emotional,” said Terri Start, Sergeant David Feriend’s niece.

U.S. Army Sergeant David Feriend left behind a loving family, including his sister, Irene.

She was just 16 years old when her big brother went missing nearly 70 years ago.

“We just finally just gave up, figured that he was gone and no trace of him,” said Irene Arbogast, Sergeant David Feriend’s sister.

“Different soldiers had commented that they had last seen him on certain dates over there but that’s all we knew,” said Arbogast.

Arbogast and her daughter Terri say they feel blessed with all the support they have received since the discovery of their family member’s remains.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the support of everybody really that’s reached out,” said Start.

Even Governor Gretchen Whitmer called to share words of comfort and gratitude for Sergeant Feriend’s service.

Now nearly 70 years later, his family has some closure.

“It’s going to be a really special day,” said Arbogast. “He deserved every minute.”

Sergeant David Feriend will receive full military honors.

His funeral service will be this Sunday at the Evergreen Cemetery in Kingsley.

Nine and Ten news will be there to bring you continuing coverage as this American hero is laid to rest.