Impeachment Inquiry: 2 Men Arrested for Funneling Foreign Campaign Donations

In a dramatic turn, two key players in the ever-changing impeachment inquiry are behind bars this morning.

The two arrested were associates of President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were arrested Thursday evening in Virginia just before boarding international flights with one-way tickets.

Prosecutors charged the pair with illegally funneling foreign donations to political campaigns, including $325,000 to a pro-Trump Super PAC, which they say was used to buy potential influence.

(Left to Right) Igor Fruman, Lev Parnas, President Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

Following the arrests, Democrats called on Giuliani, demanding he cooperate with subpoenas.

The president and Donald Trump Jr. have been seen in photographs with the two men.

But the president denies any knowledge of their activity and says he doesn’t know who they are.

The two men have been subpoenaed by House Democrats.

A date for them to testify has not been set up.

And House Democrats also handed out a subpoena for Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.

Questions have been raised about his involvement in connection to the Ukraine investigation.

Perry had met with the Ukrainian president three times before the president’s July 25 phone call in which President Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden and his son.