Harrison Community Mourns Passing of Local Icon, Mikey Storms

The city of Harrison is mourning the loss of this man after a crash last night.

The Clare County Sheriff says Michael Storms was riding his lawn mower when he was hit by an SUV.

Storms was pronounced dead at the scene.

The crash happened on Clare Avenue near Stockwell in Hayes Township.

Flowers mark the scene of the crash that claimed the life of this man, Mikey Storms. He became a friend to many and an icon in Harrison over the years. His riding lawn mower was his primary mode of transportation around Harrison.

“He was big into riding lawn mowers, he was always telling me about how he had a lawn mower and it needed a certain part and how much it cost, he would go to the lumber company and they’d give him a price and he’d find a scrap one. We all took care of him, he had some disabilities and we watched out for him, we gave him rides when it was raining,” said Sheriff John Wilson.

Mikey become a well-known figure around Harrison, with the town collectively keeping an eye out for him.

“Mikey was our icon we called him in Harrison. When you looked out the window, winter, summer, it didn’t matter, Mikey was always walking or riding a mower around town. He was just a good guy.  Honestly that guy never had a bad streak or bad bone in his body. Mikey could stop and do whatever he could for anyone and everybody. He was just a good guy. We loved Mikey,” said Joe Cox, Owner of Big Al’s Auto Sale’s

And Mikey was quick to return the love. He was usually one of the first people willing to lend a hand.

“He’d come if you were stuck in a ditch, Mikey would come push on you. Or whoever it was. He was just a good little fella, he was always helping somebody. I don’t think anybody in the community can say a bad word about Mikey,” said Cox.

The community now plans to come together one final time for Mikey, by making sure he has a proper funeral and burial.