State Police Respond to Water Rescue on Lake Missaukee

Michigan State Police responded to a water rescue on Lake Missaukee in Lake City on Thursday.

The call was made by a 70-year-old Houghton Lake woman who stated that her husband, a 71-year-old male, had fallen overboard from their fishing boat.

The woman said that her husband was in the water and that he was not able to get back into the boat.

Trooper Kevin Flick borrowed a boat from Sandra and Ted Steinacker, as they were preparing to winterize it.

Trooper Flick, along with the boat owners, rushed to the couple in the water.

The couple were in the middle of Lake Missaukee.

They were able to get the 71-year-old male into Steinacker’s boat and transfer his wife into the same boat.

They took them to shore while towing the fishing boat back with them.

The man was treated on shore by Lake City EMS and was in good condition.

The 71-year-old male was in the water for 20 minutes before being saved by Trooper Flick and the Steinecker’s.