Peninsula Township Fire Department Expanding Services, Upgrading Equipment

The Peninsula Township Fire Department has been expanding services and making big upgrades over the last year.

From getting certified in advanced life support services to new engines and tankers, the fire chief says there’s more to come.

“This year has been a very busy year,” said Fred Gilstorff, the fire chief for Peninsula Township Fire Department.

A busy year indeed for the Peninsula Township Fire Department. The upgrades are all thanks to an existing tax assessment for fire protection.

“We’ve replaced four vehicles. We purchased a new fire engine that replaced a unit that was 25 years old,” said Gilstorff. “We’ve also increased our staffing.”

The fire department also just got a brand new tanker. It holds 1,000 more gallons than their old one.

“The whole concept behind this truck was for us to find an easier way or a quicker way to get water in case when we need to fight fires on the peninsula,” said Gilstorff.

The tanker can hold up to 3,000 gallons of water.

Plus, the hoses are 80 feet long. The old hose was only 20 feet.

“It brings much more water to the scene for us to fight fire and it has the ability to get water from the bays that surround the peninsula in a multitude of areas,” said Gilstorff.

Just about a year ago, this fire department became certified in advanced life support services.

“It’s basically bringing the ER to the person in their home. We have medicines. We have heart monitors, defibrillators,” said Gilstorff.

For those living on the Old Mission Peninsula, this could mean a lot.

“In Peninsula Township, we’re quite a bit of ways away and in an emergency medical situation, we’re quite a bit a ways from the hospital,” said Gilstorff.

The fire chief says they are continuing to expand services for the area.

“We’re also in the process of building a station to the north which will help the folks that are in our far northern part that is quite a distance away from here,” said Gilstorff.