Necklace Made with Hair from Deceased 10-Year-Old Cancer Patient May Have Been Stolen

Jessica Dennis creates custom necklaces, bracelets and rings in her Bellaire studio and sells to customers all over the country through her Etsy shop.

Her unique designs are so much more than an accessory, though. They’re tiny memorials.

Inside each piece, she puts ashes and hair from her customer’s deceased loved ones. Dennis started the business after losing her own 7-year-old son to cancer.

“I got into this after my son died of cancer in 2017. We got him cremated, and I wanted something to do with his ashes,” said Dennis. “It helps me grieve. To be able to do that for other people just like, makes me feel good. ”

She crafts gorgeous keepsakes, each with a touching story.

The missing bracelet made for the soon-to-be bride.

Her latest project was a bracelet for a soon-to-be-bride.

“They were going to gift it to her for her wedding so that she could carry a piece of her mom down the aisle with her,” said Dennis.

She also just finished a necklace, for mother Mary Herron. She ordered a necklace with her 10-year-old daughter Sophie’s hair. Sophie passed away from a rare cancer in August.

Dennis shipped the necklace and bracelet from Bellaire on September 25. They were checked at the U.S. Post Office in Traverse City, but they stopped moving after that.

“It seemed really suspicious that two priority packages would go missing the same day, and they were the only two packages that day that were packaged exactly the same way,” said Dennis.

Now, the jewelry maker fears the design was stolen. The thief may have taken the 14kt gold chain, but what they don’t know is they have also stolen a piece of Herron’s daughter.

“The bead that has the hair in it…that is all the hair that I have,” said Herron, through tears. “It was one of the last things I did before I hugged her precious body for the last time. It was to cut off a bit of her hair.”

Dennis and Herron do not care about the gold chain or bead caps. They just want the bead returned.


“No questions asked. I just want my baby’s hair,” said Herron.

Missing necklace made with hair from 10-year-old Sophie.

If you know anything about where the bead is, Jessica and Mary would love to have it back, no questions asked.

You can contact Jessica Dennis here. If you have the bead, you can ship the bead to her studio, at 4607 Del Mason Rd, Bellaire, Michigan.

You can also reach out to Sophie’s mother, Mary, here.