White House Blocks Testimony in Impeachment Inquiry

The Trump administration is sending a clear message to the House Intelligence Committee.

They will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry until the full House takes a vote on it.

That comes as the administration blocked a House deposition of the U.S. ambassador of the European Union.

Gordon Sondland was set to testify Tuesday morning in a closed door meeting on Capitol Hill.

But just hours before he was supposed to arrive, the state department ordered Sondland not to testify.

House Democrats were furious with the move and say it only furthers their argument that the president is abusing his power.

Sondland was expected to testify about whether aid was withheld from Ukraine while pushing that country’s president to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Many Republicans say they were also looking forward to hearing the testimony, but most are standing with the administration’s decision, saying the impeachment inquiry has been unfair.

The House Intelligence Committee says they will now be issuing subpoenas for both Sondland’s testimony and documents.