Traverse City Named 4th Best City for Startups

Traverse City recently grabbed another national ranking, but it’s in an area you might not expect.

The website Shivar Web just published a list of the top cities for startup companies.

Traverse City came in at the fourth best place for startups in the country.

20 Fathoms is home to a number of startups in Traverse City. Andy Cole is Executive Director of 20 Fathoms.

“What’s really exciting about it, is that two plus years ago we didn’t have much of anything going on in the startup world, and most of our efforts have been in the last two years. So to go from almost zero to number four on the list nationwide is incredible, and it’s just a testament to the talent we have in our back yard,” said Cole.

Startups that have gotten their start here in Traverse City, say it’s been the right combination of talent and opportunity that’s made Traverse City a top spot for new companies.

“You need to start somewhere, and Traverse City is one of those places that punches way above its weight class as far as the type of people that are here. There’s a type of really hard working people here, you get some connections to what we’re developing, as well as the platform that 20 Fathoms has created it’s an exciting future to a great future here,” said Craig Wesley, Vice President of Business Development for Inphastos.

And the growth of Traverse City startups shows no signs of stopping.

“The culture, the ecosystem it’s just a great place to live and if you can find a way to work and support that, you’ve nailed it. That’s what Traverse City is, it’s all these things to do after work that makes you want to go in and have a successful business and support the people in that community that you love,” said TruePro Co-founder Matt Schwarze.