Motocross at the Age of 60: Best friends Enjoying the Ride Since ’73

“You only get one shot at life and you need to live that to the full extent.” 

Chris Wright and Kirk Sutliff have been embracing their passion for motocross for decades. They formed their friendship back in 1973 and years later are still out hitting the trails. “They think we’re crazy. We do things that people think are crazy. Everyone thinks 60 year-old people shouldn’t be doing this,” explains Chris Wright.

Through this extreme sport they have found friendship and confidence. Two things that translate into their every day lives. Chris says, “I would put myself up against many people that are 20-30 years old and I’m still going to beat them.”

For them they’re not racing to take home the gold or finish in first place. They argue that sometimes being last is just as fun. “That’s just as fun as winning that race. You don’t have to be a number one rider to enjoy the full feeling of motocross and motorcycling in general,” explains Kirk Sutliff.

Over the years they’ve certainly learned to enjoy the ride and how to stay in shape. Kirk says, “I wouldn’t want to do anything else! Other than seeing Chris, going riding and going to the races- see what our next adventure is!”

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