Join the Clean Energy Movement with Consumers Energy

Clean energy like wind and hydro are hot topics right now when it comes to the health of our planet and right here in Michigan.

Consumers Energy CEO, Patti Poppe was in Traverse City today as part of a statewide tour connecting households and businesses with ways to save money, save energy and ultimately save the planet.

We had her live in studio to talk all about their Clean Energy Movement and how to get involved.

2040 may seem like a long ways away, but there is no time like today to start making the planet cleaner and greener. Poppe is on a mission to meet customers’ needs by implementing clean energy resources, eliminating coal, and reducing carbon emissions by over 90%.

She is asking people to join in on the movement by signing up here.

To learn more about Consumers Energy and what they are doing to protect the planet and Michigan’s energy future, click here.

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