Glen Lake, Forest Area Schools Are ‘Marching 4 Ellen’

“The last I checked that video had over 10,000 views and a lot of shares still coming out.”

It started as a simple idea, and now two high schools in Northern Michigan want to spread a strong message nationwide.

Forest Area Schools had to cancel their varsity football season this year, and Glen Lake Community Schools doesn’t have a marching band.

The Lakers welcomed the Warriors to perform under their Friday night lights on September 27.

The collaboration between Glen Lake and Forest Area quickly spread on social media.

“On one of our posts, someone had tagged Ellen in it and the kids got really excited because the kids love Ellen and so we sat down and our choir class said, we should make a video,” band director for Forest Area Schools, Brandon Deike said.

So Forest Area invited the football team and students from Glen Lake over to share their message of unity.“They had our video choreographed and ready to go, so we put the pieces in place and produced the video in just a short time,” assistant principal and athletic director for Glen Lake Community Schools, Mark Mattson said.

And in just two days of being up, the video has more than 10,000 views.

“It has kind of blown up and made the national spotlight, which has been just remarkable for both schools, our students and our communities,” Mattson said.

Now they’re hoping to catch Ellen’s eye…

“I think it would be a pretty amazing things cause it’s like not too much of that stuff happens in our area, it’s more like big cities,” Glen Lake senior and football player CJ Helfrich said.

So their message of team work and kindness can reach even more people.

“Regardless of the color of our schools, our jerseys, we just work with one another and provide the best experience we can with all students involved. If we were ever to get the nod that we were fortunate enough to fly out and be with her, it would be one of the most memorable experiences,” Mattson said.

To view the schools’ full video, click here.