East Jordan Couple Celebrating 100th Birthday and 79 Years of Marriage

They say there is no place like home– but for Lillian Gee, her East Jordan House is more than just a home. She has spent over 70 years in this home, raising nine children alongside her husband Glen Gee. Lillian and Glen’s daughter Joyce Dunson says, “Mom is 97. She just turned 97 September 23rd.” But not to be outdone, her husband Glen is celebrating a pretty big birthday today as well. He turns 100! “I never thought I’d make it that much though… Woo!”

With each bite of cake today the Gees are celebrating some pretty big milestones. On top of their birthday celebrations they have been together for 79 years. Lillian says, “There’s nobody else like him! We just kept dating and dating and that was it.”

Over the years they have learned the secret to staying together for nearly eight decades. “You have to give and take a lot. That’s no lie. We got along good though. This many years… We want to end it that way,” says Glen.

This lovely couple is teaching us not only to count our years but rather to count our blessings. Celebrating each and every day they get to spend together.

Happy Birthday Glen from all of us at 9&10 News!

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