Young Girl Who Suffered Seizure at Football Games Says ‘Thank You’ to Her Hero

For many of us, Friday nights in northern Michigan mean high school football.

But this heart-warming story means a lot more than a victory on the gridiron.

Last Friday night, an 11-year old girl had a seizure on the sidelines of a high school football game.

On Monday, we introduced you to the member of the visiting team who became the hero and stayed with her until she got medical attention.

“He was just a loving and caring person,” said Grace Gibson, who suffered a seizure.

Eleven year old Grace Gibson says it’s only right to thank Seth Migda properly after the Charlevoix senior football player helped her while she was having a seizure.

It happened on the sidelines of the Frankfort High School home football game last week.

“He was the first one there when the accident happened and he was just there the whole time while it was happening,” said Gibson. “He’s very special to me.”

He’s also special to her big brother, Brenden.

“I just have a lot of respect for him and, I mean, I just can’t thank him enough for what he did,” said Brenden Rocutt, Grace’s brother.

So Friday night, Grace and her family drove nearly two hours, all the way to Charlevoix from Frankfort so she and her brother could deliver a special note.

“I said thank you for being there the whole time,” said Gibson.

Though Migda was once a stranger, they now consider him family.

“Our first time meeting each other, we gave each other a hug, so that’s pretty cool I thought,” said Rocutt.

There were plenty of hugs as they reunited.

Though Migda was busy on the field, he tells us he did what any good citizen would do.

“It was kind of special to me,” said Gibson.