Rosemary & Pepper Flower Co. in Gaylord Embracing Fall with Bright Colors

A new business called Rosemary & Pepper Flower Co. is bringing a splash of color to Gaylord. This timeless flower shop is giving people of all budgets beautiful flowers for any special occasion. Owner Jennifer Harmer says, “I just wanted affordable options for people. Flowers are expensive but they don’t have to be outrageous so I wanted to make it something that no matter the budget they would have something pretty.”

Jennifer’s careful attention to detail and creative eye shows in everything she creates– like today’s pumpkin floral arrangement. Jennifer says, “Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean it has to be drab!” Fall is the perfect time to embrace butterscotch and rust colors with a pop of purple or yellow.

If you want more information on Rosemary & Pepper Flower Co. Click here. 

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