Flip Tips: Doors & Drawers

Last week it was all about the carcass and this week we are talking jewelry, but I bet you didn’t guess it all has to do with cabinets!

Michelle is back with interior designer, Shane Inman of The Inman Company, at mPn Builders in East Jordan to learn all about the jewelry of the cabinet, also known as the doors and drawers.

We got a look at the tedious sanding process behind getting the perfect texture and color for each client. It takes a total of 3 cycling through hand-sanding and staining before they are ready for their final staining.

Shane said that the doors and drawers are what takes the longest because mPn is dedicated to getting each on perfect. They are the face of the kitchen and what takes up the most visual space, so for them to be anything but beautiful would be a tragedy.

To ask Shane all of your design questions, click here.

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