Adopt Now at Cherryland Humane Society!

The Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City is sending out an urgent plea to the public. The humane society is at a high capacity when it comes to kittens, cats and dogs. It’s been an ongoing issue for several weeks and now they’re incredibly low on supplies, trying to keep up with the influx of animals.

They staff is asking for specific types of dry dog and dry and wet cat foods as well as flea and tick medications. They do stress there are dietary restrictions for a few of the animals, so to please check their list for the exact type of food that’s needed.

Most importantly, Cherryland is encouraging people to come inside and meet the kittens, cats and dogs.  They want people to get to know the animals before they adopt and get an up close and personal feel for what the animals need. They say that just because an animal isn’t a kitten or puppy, they are still just as amazing for a family.

Liz Williams, administration manager with Cherryland Humane Society says, “They may look a little sad or a little scared when they’re  here but I promise you each and every cat and dog here has a wonderful personality and is just waiting to find that right home, that right family to spend the rest of their life with. Come in and spend some time with these animals, get to know them a little bit, because when you pull them out of those kennels and start interacting with them, they are amazing.”

For a link to the Supply Wish List with the specific items requested click here.

For a link to contact Cherryland Humane Society including their address and number click here.

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