Oncology Patients Receiving Free Spa Treatments in Grand Traverse County

One local woman is helping oncology patients look their best even when they don’t feel their best with free spa sessions from facials to body wraps.

Dawn Pater runs her own spa in Traverse City called Integrative Skin Care. She is a licensed oncologist esthetician who has been using her skills to help others.

Dawn has friends and family who have been effected by cancer and she see’s firsthand what they go through to keep their skin healthy after harsh treatments. She is striving to help people feel their best with board-certified products that are free of parabens and harsh fragrances. Dawn has done her research and only uses the best on her clients.

Dawn provides services to walk-in clients and scheduled clients who are not receiving cancer treatment in exchange for donations.

She spends on day a week at the Cowell Family Cancer Center in Traverse City providing services to oncology patients as they leave treatment.

To learn more about what she is doing and how you can schedule an appointment and donate, click here.

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