Business in Focus: EDU Staff

The State of Michigan is always in need of substitute teachers and it’s not as hard to become one as you may think.

We spoke with Leslie Soda from EDU Staff to learn all about how you can become a part of your community’s school district.

It just takes 60 college credit hours, a background test, and a little classroom training.

Now if you don’t have 60 college credit hours but have a passion for kids and want to help out, districts are also looking for substitute janitors, secretaries, lunch staff and more.

Leslie said that they are trying to target college students and snowbirds to get involved in the community while they are in town, but truly anyone can do it.

You will learn about instruction strategies, classroom management, and even the profession itself to hopefully grow the amount of people pursuing teaching.

To learn more about EDU Staff and how you can become a substitute in your local school district, click here.

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