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The Rock of Kingsley: “Where Kids Can Just be Kids”

For the last ten years (and counting) the Rock of Kingsley has lived up to its name. This free after school youth center is providing a safe place for students grades 6-12th.

“We’ve had a lot of issues in Kingsley lately and this is definitely just a safe spot they can come. They can just be kids,” says Stephanie Annis, a mother of two children who are enrolled in this program.

Founder Diane Walton is the glue that holds this program together. It’s giving parents in the community piece of mind knowing their kids are accounted for after school. “These kids need something because not everyone is an athlete… they’re not musicians. Sometimes they’re just kids,” says Diane.

Here they have access to meals, computers, censored video games, art and an endless supply of games. Providing a truly safe place when kids need it most when faced with bullies, social media and life’s pressures. Here they find community support and friendship with people they may not get to know during school hours. Stephanie Annis says, “I’ve seen him hang out with people that he wouldn’t normally hang out with so I think it’s cool that they’re all on the same level here.”

On top of their after school program, they offer countless resources to families in the community as well. Bringing in speakers and covering workshops for both students and parents.

The students and community have access to the Rock Locker as well– a community closet filled with donated clothing for kids of all ages.

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