Clare County Woman Charged Following Infant Son’s Death

This Clare County woman now faces involuntary manslaughter and child abuse charges after her two month old son died.

Razon Geiling was charged Friday after a nearly yearlong investigation by Clare County deputies.

An autopsy report shows the child died because of unsafe sleeping conditions.

It was just before 2:30 in the afternoon on November 15th of last year when Clare County deputies got a call about a two month old boy at a home on South Harrison Avenue in cardiac arrest.

Clare County Sheriff John Wilson says that child died a short time later.

“What the infant was found in at the time is not normally what an infant would sleep in, and the clothing the infant was in at the time was we believe a contributing factor to what caused its death,” said Wilson.

The investigation eventually lead to this woman, the child’s mother, Razon Geiling.

She’s now charged with involuntary manslaughter and 4th degree child abuse.

“A lot of times on these investigations too you have to do autopsies, toxicology, and get all the statement together and once it’s submitted, the prosecutor wants to make sure that they have angle they need,” said Wilson.

The autopsy said the child died from positional asphyxiation, or suffocation.

Bethany Law is the executive director of the Northern Michigan Alliance for Children. She says its critical parents know safe sleeping positions for their newborns.

“Children are our future. They have to be healthy, happy, safe in order to become productive members of society and if they don’t get the opportunity to do that because of a death weather intentional or not, then it’s all for nothing so it’s critical,” said Law.

Geiling is currently out of jail on bond.