Nonprofit Bike Builder Loses Garage Space, In Desperate Need of New Workspace Near Kalkaska

Rob Burroughs at New Lyfe Restorations doesn’t just build bikes. He gives children freedom.

The non-profit in Kalkaska builds custom bikes for children who aren’t able to ride traditional ones.

Burroughs also pumps new life into old bikes, and gives hundreds of them away to children in low-income homes.

You could say he is a magician, of sorts. He uses junk, and old bike parts to make custom rides, for special kids. He makes dreams come true for those who never thought they could ever have, or ride, a bike.

He turns nothing into something, and relies completely on donations and a donated garage space to make his magic.

But his magic may be running out.

“One day last week, I was told that the building sold. I’ve got to be out by November 1,” said Burroughs.

A marijuana business bought the space where he works, and now Burroughs and hundreds of bicycles need a new home.

“It looks like I will be back working outside for a while until something pops up,” said Burroughs.

Every year, Burroughs builds trikes for kids like Keira, who rely on a wheelchair. Keira has spinal bifida and cannot walk around on her own, let alone ride a bicycle. But Burroughs knew he could do something to help.

“I built a trike so she could ride it with her hands and her feet,” said Burroughs. “Now, she can’t get off it. Her mom can’t get her off the thing, you know?”

Keira, and hundreds of other children, have new bikes, and a new freedom, because of his work.

“This year I’m at 217 bikes that I’ve given away, and six [custom] trikes,” said Burroughs. “It really changes a child, especially ones with disabilities.”

He desperately needs a small garage space to continue his life changing work.

He currently lives and works in the Kalkaska area, but is willing to move if it means continuing his life’s passion.

“Putting a smile on a kid’s face…I mean…it’s the ultimate,” said Burroughs. “Especially kids that don’t have anything, they got nothing.”

If you can help, give Rob a call and leave a message or text at 231-384-2104.

You can also find him on Facebook at message him at New Lyfe Restorations.

You can donate money to his charity here.