Gladwin Co. 4-H Reading Program Starting Back Up, Needs Mentors

Last year Gladwin County 4-H started helping young readers build confidence in their reading skills. Now they’re bringing it back this October.

The purpose it to help young readers practice sounding out words and syllables to a non-biased listener, an animal! In return, the animals at the Gladwin County Animal Shelter get a friend too. With school back in session now they are recruiting participants and adult mentors.

“There’s so many skills that adults have that they think that they can’t pass on to kids and just being the encouragement to the youth can be the biggest factor of change,” says Melissa Preston, Gladwin County 4-H Coordinator. “It’s just one of those unique ways that 4-H helps the community and helps youth grow and I think that’s what makes this program so special.”

Preston is also working on starting a similar reading program in Roscommon soon.

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