Northern Michigan Homeland Security Expert Breaks Down Whistleblower Process

The whistleblower process can be a lot to navigate and understand, so we talked with an expert.

Dr. Steven Bucci has spent his career in national security.

He is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense.

He says this whistleblower complaint is unique for a few reasons.

“Normally whistleblower complaints are usually very much first person, this one’s a little different, it’s several people said something to this individual, he thought there was a problem,” Dr. Bucci said.

He says typically, whistleblower complaints come from people with similar responsibilities.

“Normally, a whistleblower complaint is from someone within a particular community, in this case the intelligence community,” Dr. Bucci said. “This one is special because the key person in it is the President of the United States, who technically isn’t a part of the intelligence community.”

In the complaint, the whistleblower says White House officials loaded the records of the call onto an electronic system used for sensitive information, instead of the typical system used for presidential calls.

Dr. Bucci says that’s not totally out of the ordinary, but it comes down to the reasoning behind it.

“Those decisions are made kind of on the fly, it’s not a science, I don’t know the rationale of whoever did it, but if people had a concern they would then go back to that person who made that decision and see if their reason was legitimate to see if something else was going on.”

He says this is more of a constitutional issue, than a national security one

“I don’t see this as a national security problem in any way shape or form, there are legitimate issues to be concerned about with regard to constitutional things, but its not a national security problem,” Dr. Bucci said.

To read the full whistleblower complaint, click here.