National Cherry Festival Honored by International Festival & Event Association

Pulling off the National Cherry Festival year after year is no small feat.

This week, the event planning world honored a long time staff member of the festival.

Senior consultant Chuck O’Connor has been inducted into the International Festival and Event Association Hall of Fame.

O’Connor has been a key part of the National Cherry Festival team for the past 25 years, and has helped the event grow, specifically building the concert series into a premiere entertainment event.

Over the years, he says the most meaningful part of it all was building community partnerships and lifelong friendships.

“It’s certainly the most professionally meaningful experience that I could have imagined,” said O’Connor. “It’s the wonderful staff there and the friendships I’ve made through the volunteer base. It’s probably the most meaningful to me.”

O’Connor is retired now but still helps out with the festival as a consultant.

The National Cherry Festival itself was also honored by the International Festival and Event Association.

They won eight pinnacle awards, including three gold, for best media piece, best promotional photo and best emergency management plan.

The next National Cherry Festival is 286 days away.

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