Lake County Homeowner Makes His Home Solar Powered

A homeowner in Baldwin is doing his part to help the planet, along with his electric bill.

Clyde Welford has lived in Baldwin for about 25 years. 

Now he’s making his home solar powered.

Welford says he was paying nearly $380 a month for his electric bill and found that to be too pricy.

He figured he could save money down the line by installing solar panels, now.

The panels were installed Tuesday.

Welford says he’s excited about the idea of erasing some of his carbon footprint.

He hopes he can set forth an example.

“The example is a good one because you can save on your energy bill but more importantly you’re doing something to help our planet and hopefully more people in Baldwin will be able to purchase this because it would be great to power homes solar,” said Clyde Welford.

Power Home Solar and Roofing installed the solar panels.

For more information on getting some yourself, click here.