Grand Traverse County Party Chairs React to News of Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump

Monday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced an official impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

President Trump is reported to have pressured Ukraine’s leader eight times a phone call to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

Prior to the phone call, it is reported that the President ordered aid to be withheld from the country.

The monumental news of the subsequent impeachment inquiry rocked Washington as well as local political circles.

The Grand Traverse County Democratic chair Chris Cracchiolo says the move is substantial, and appropriate because of the serious allegations against the president.

“I don’t know if we really even know how significant this is,” said Cracchiolo. “I think we will get to the bottom of the story and we will find out the true facts. When we find the truth, I think the process will be relatively simple.”

Grand Traverse County Republican chair Haider Kazim says the inquiry does not faze him.

“This is nothing new. These calls for impeachment, they’ve been going on since the president was elected, even before he took office,” said Kazim.

President Trump says he wants to release an un-redacted transcript of his conversation with the Ukraine this week.

Kazim added that he is surprised the house began an investigation without having first seeing that evidence.

“Can you imagine a prosecutor issuing a federal indictment, a criminal indictment without even looking at the evidence?” said Kazim.

Political science instructor John Zachman, of Northwestern Michigan College says the inquiry is a strategic, political move.

“Of course timeline is a huge question here, we have elections coming in just over a year,” said Zachman.

“Are we simply trying to investigate potential wrongdoing or are we actually at this point considering impeaching a sitting president? Unless there’s new information that comes that’s somewhat undeniable then I think you’ll see this is similar to [President Clinton’s impeachment inquiry], as a pretty partisan issue.”