Cherry Capital Airport Had its Busiest Summer Ever

It’s been a good year at Cherry Capital Airport! They set passenger traffic records over the summer vacation season.

Passenger numbers were up by more than 15% in May, July and August, and by up almost a quarter in June!

Airport director Kevin Klein says new destinations upped traffic at TVC.

Cherry Capital two new carriers this year, Allegiant Air and Elite Airways. Plus, they added service to more destinations, including Sarasota, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Phoenix, Arizona and Washington D.C.

“That has really created a lot of interest and a lot of buzz, but we’re also seeing a lot of competition in the market,” said Klein. “We’re seeing those market forces take place and that’s increasing our traffic and lowering our fares, and so we’re very excited about that.”

In June, Allegiant’s announced flights to three new destinations in Florida, Orlando, Tampa-St. Pete, and Punta Gorda-Fort Myers.

Those flights start next month.