Northern Michigan Powerball Player Hits the Jackpot, Wins $80 Million

“Be careful and I would try to find someone who could help you wisely spend that,” said Michael Watson, who is giving his piece of advice to the Powerball winner.

One lucky person woke up $80 million richer after hitting the Powerball jackpot.       

A northern Michigan party store sold that winning ticket.

Barrels and Barrels Party Store in Suttons Bay made the sale.

The winning numbers were 1 — 9 — 22 — 36 — 68.

The Powerball was 22.

Now the question is, what would you do if you won 80 million dollars?

“Maybe do some traveling,” said Mike Kwolek.

“I would love to provide education for our grandchildren,” said Christine Toole.

Everyone’s got their own ideas of what they would do if they were lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

“Eighty million dollars, you could sit back for a while and think about it,” said Kwolek.

But when asked on the spot, here’s what some people came up with.

“Gas prices are going up so I’d at least fill up my gas tank in full,” said Chandrakand Mehda.

“A plane to get us to places where we didn’t have to fight air traffic control and the TSA,” said Kwolek.

Maybe buy that dream car.

“You fall in love with some old car like a Model A,” said Enoch Anderson.

Or a house, or two.

“We’d probably buy a couple houses up here. One for ourselves and one for our friends and kids to come and visit,” said Kwolek.

But most say, they wouldn’t change.

“I think I would still shop the sale racks,” said Toole.

They’d be sure to give a portion to charity.

“Probably one to help mental health issues would be one of my favorite ones,” said Toole.

“Wounded Warriors. People who gave a limb so to speak to have us enjoy the freedoms we enjoy,” said Anderson.

Some even offered advice to the lucky winner.

“Take your time. Take a big breath. Yell and scream and be happy and go out to dinner and get help,” said Toole.

At the end of the day, while $80 million sounds great, some say it’s not everything.

“Having a lot of money doesn’t bring happiness so you can’t say oh that would really make them happy because you’re either happy or you’re not,” said Anderson.