Healthy Living: Beware of Magnets!

One mother has a warning for other parents: ‘watch out for magnets’, whether it’s a toy, something stuck on your refrigerator, or part of an art project.

Her little guy got a hold of just two of them and it almost cost him his life.

As Whitney Amman explains in Healthy Living, he’s not the only one.

According to Fortune Magazine, calls to the poison center have increased over six percent after dropping the past two years by over ten percent.

While most objects that don’t cause symptoms will pass through the digestive tract in one or two days without causing harm, be aware, objects can also get caught in the esophagus.

Symptoms include drooling, inability or painful swallowing, vomiting, chest pain or neck pain.

If your child is experiencing any of these signs, get them to the hospital immediately.

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