Sec. DeVos Speaks About Education Freedom at Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference

Michigan native and U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos took the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference stage Saturday.

DeVos started her speech by touting what she calls the Trump administrations’ fight for freedom.

She says that education is not the role of the federal government, but the role of families and communities.

She says the Trump administration will be fighting to overturn rules so public funds can go to religious schools.

She also defended her support of charter schools.  Her goal is education freedom.

“Education freedom is good politics because it’s good policy, it’s good policy because it empowers parents who only want the best for their kid,” DeVos said.  “Education freedom is not just the ability to choose a school building, it’s to learn in ways and in places that work for every student.”

DeVos says freedom must always be defended in the way our founding fathers designed.