Power Island Open to Bow Hunting in October


Some hunters will have a new place to track down that prize buck this year.

Power Island will be open for bow hunting starting October.

Grand Traverse Parks and Recreation says it is a way to control the deer population.

They say this will help maintain vegetation on the island.

It also gives hunters a new, unique experience.

While the hunting season is open, the island is still a public park open to everyone.

Hunters are asked to exercise caution at all times and to respect the park and its resources.

The hunting of antlerless deer is encouraged and firearms are not allowed.

“It is necessary,” said Grand Traverse Parks and Recreation’s Kristine Erickson.

“For one thing, we don’t want the population to multiply over on the island because they do damage to the vegetation if there become too many of them. Also, it’s more humane to hunt them than it is to have them die from starvation.”

Each deer hunted should be reported to Parks and Recreation by calling (231) 922-4818.