Lake County Celebrates Life of World War II Veteran Sgt. Henry C. Smith


A Northern Michigan community celebrated and remembered the life of a World War II Army veteran.

Sgt. Henry C. Smith passed away August 5 from cancer at 98.

He was a member of the famous Merrill’s Marauders, a special operations unit which fought in the South-East Asian theatre.

Smith received a Purple Heart for wounds he sustained in combat.

During the war, Smith’s unit had been captured after running out of ammo while fighting an enemy patrol.

Sgt. Smith was able to escape and help free other prisoners.

Following World War II, he spent the majority of his life in Michigan.

A funeral service was held in Irons on Saturday.

“He’s been an avid hunter in our community,” said Smith’s caretaker Brenda Cochran.

“He’s helped many people out here and he loved to live off the land. He was our local moonshiner.”

Many community members said Smith was a great man and a good friend.