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It’s time to Clean up Green Up, Northern Michigan

Clean Up Green Up

Sunday, September 29th, 2019

Traverse City Pit Spitters Ball Park

The annual community-wide recycle, repurpose and reuse event provides an opportunity for locals to divert, from area landfills, items that have salvageable components or further use, and bring them to a central collection point for proper processing.  The Clean Up and Green Up event is free for residents of Grand Traverse and all neighboring counties.

Since curbside recycling is becoming widely available and receptacles for collection of paper, plastics and glass are strategically placed through the area, the Clean Up Green Up event focuses on assisting residents to remove from their waste stream items which are difficult or costly to recycle or are not accepted at the curbside.

Michigan Green Consortium reminds residents to consult the Clean Up Green Up Facebook page or event-related website for specific details on the items that will be collected at the September 29th  event.  A sitemap, which can be downloaded from the website, helps residents load their vehicles so that unloading is efficient – a feature vital to a smooth event.

To learn more about the Clean Up and Green Up event, visit the event website at , or the event page on Facebook.

The event is planned, coordinated and put on by the non-profit organization, Michigan Green Consortium. Michigan Green Consortium is an all-volunteer public charity, declared tax-exempt under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Established in 2008, Michigan Green Consortium’s mission is to foster the general knowledge of sustainable practices and to promote the application of sound environmental stewardship through education and community events designed to lessen the burden on government.

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