Road Commission Warning Drivers About Osceola County Bridge Weight Limits

People driving over an Osceola County Bridge who are hauling too much are driving away with pricey tickets.

The bridge on 5th Ave between 22 Mile and County Line Road in Marion Township is in bad shape.

The county is warning people about driving heavy loads over it.

The Osceola County Road Commission Manager says in July, the bridge’s weight limit went from 20 tons down to 3 tons.

This means few vehicles other than a car can legally cross.

The county has been approved for state funding to replace the Osceola County bridge.

However, it will not come in until 2021.

Until then, the county wants people to take the warning signs seriously.

“Overweight tickets are expensive. They can be in the neighborhood of several thousands of dollars, said road commission manager Luke Houlton. “When there are loads greater than that that go across it; there is the potential for the catastrophic failure.”

If the bridge’s condition gets any worse, the county may be forced to shut it down until repair funds are available.