Local Liquor Stores Could Be Hurt in Potential Government Shutdown

If lawmakers can’t reach a budget deal before the end of the month, and the state government shuts down, the Liquor Control Commission won’t be working.

That impacts liquor stores across the state, including the Corner Grocer in Petoskey.

“We have just about any kind you can think of,” said owner Hal Taylor.

They sell a lot of liquor, it’s about 35 percent of their business.

Under a government shutdown, their shelves could look a little emptier.

“It would have to cut into our profits considerably,” Taylor said.

Michigan’s Liquor Control Commission would stop accepting retail orders for spirits. That means liquor stores wouldn’t be able to re-stock until the government re-opens.

“We can’t store enough that would go for a great length of time,” Taylor said. “We’d go for a little while but even that would last for a week or two.”

It doesn’t just affect stores, the distilleries making liquor would impacted be too.

High Five Spirits in Petoskey says it could really hurt their business.

“If we were unable to distribute, that would be detrimental,” said co-founder Michael Kazanowski.

The distillery and tasting room says this time of year is important for getting their liquor in stores.

“We really focus on getting out there and distributing our product, so if we can’t do that, we’re in a lot of trouble,” said Kazanowski.

It really depends on how long a potential shutdown lasts as to how badly these businesses are affected, but both hope Lansing lawmakers can work this out quickly.

“I don’t want to see a shutdown at all, so I hope we don’t even have to cross that path,” Kazanowski said.

“A shutdown never works for anybody, I hope they work it out,” Taylor said.

Also, state lottery games stop in the event of a government shutdown.