Jack Pine Lumberjack Show: Grab your Flannel and an Axe It’s Time for Fall

The Tip of the Mitt is full of fun family friendly things to do, including the Jack Pine Lumberjack Show. Here, people of all ages will not only have a good laugh or two but learn about the history of Lumberjacks and their significance to Midwestern Culture.

Owner of the Jack Pine Lumberjack show, Dan McDonough says, “lumberjacks originate from workday skills back in the late 1800’s. They had to log these trees because the nation was having a great explosion of growth and all the events we do come from these skills.”

Dan McDonough got into the world of Lumberjacks at a very young age. “I grew up in Escanaba and they used to hold the world championships there in the 30’s and 40’s between Escanaba and Gladstone.” There his next door neighbors met a man competiting and asked in exchange for holding his longs, he had to teach the neighbor kids how to roll (Dan McDonough).

The Jack Pine Lumberjack Show is open from early spring through the end of September. They chop wood, axe throwing, standing block-chop, pole climbing and log rolling. Dan Mcdonough holds 9 world championship titles and has been rolling since he was just 9 years-old. So what does it take to be a lumberjack or a lumber(jill)? “It’s a little bit of fearlessness and just the joy of competitions,” says McDonough.

If you want more information on the Jack Pine Lumberjack show, click here. 

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